Our goal is to provide the assistance you need, when you need it.

We know commercial real estate takes a lot of long-term planning, dedication and persistence. Too often the daily operational tasks of running your business can take your focus away from the most important thing - getting the deal to the finish line. Our solution is to provide you with a virtual teammate who has the experience necessary to give you the assistance you can count on - no training required.

you need a creva on your side

By delegating your operational tasks to an experienced Commercial Real Estate Virtual Assistant (CREVA), you can confidently focus more of your time on lead generating and increasing production. Our knowledge and understanding of the commercial real estate process, combined with our marketing skills and executive administration experience allows us to service a wide variety of real estate professionals. We will conduct all the necessary research for prospective properties, assist with marketing and branding, and complete the administrative tasks at hand so you can focus on your clients and building your business. 

Let us join your team so we can handle the operations and save you valuable time.

Who's on your team?



a la carte services

Check out our marketing, research and administrative services, pick the task(s) you want to get off your plate and we'll take care of the rest. 

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executive packages

Our all-inclusive packages are designed to delegate comprehensive tasks to your CREVA so you can focus on getting the deal to the finish line

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